Gentle Pet Grooming
Furry Friends

Grooming & Self Service Dog Wash

All of our furry friends deserve to feel and look great. We custom groom each animal depending on their breed and characteristics, to ensure their overall health and well-being (see “BENEFITS OF GROOMING”). Our talented groomers have over 30 years of combined grooming experience and they are all passionate about their job. We know that when pets are groomed on a regular basis, the risk of disease and skin conditions drop significantly, which makes for happy cats and dogs!

We also provide a self-service dog washing station (see “SELF SERVICE DOG WASH” section). 

All animals must be up to date on the rabies vaccine. It is also recommended that your pet have the appropriate Bordetella/Kennel Cough vaccinations. We take pride in being able to make all dogs feel comfortable. If your dog has been turned away at other grooming salons, please consider letting us groom him.

 Salon Hours:

  • Currently, we are open every day except for Wednesday and Sunday. We open at 9:00 AM, please call for closing hours as they vary from day to day.

Professional Full Service Grooming:dog-self--wash

  • Bathing – we use all natural shampoos and conditioners
  • Coat – full brushing, detangling/dematting
  • Fur – trimming and scissoring
  • Fluff dry/Blow dry
  • Teeth Brushed
  • Ears – cleaning and plucking ear hair
  • Nails – clipping or dremeling
  • Expressing the anal glands
  • Flea and tick baths/dips

Self Service Dog Wash:

  • Aprons
  • Elevated fiberglass tubs
  • Brushes, combs, and scissors
  • Elevated drying tables
  • Nail clippers
  • Professional high volume dryers
  • Perfumes
  • Buy six self-serve washes, and the seventh is FREE!

Benefits of Regular Grooming

  • Regular grooming allows us to routinely check for any abnormalities that may signify a problem. Our groomers watch for problems such as ear infections, parasites, and growths.
  • Because we are in close contact with all parts of your pet we may be able to discover problems in the very early stages before they become more serious.
  • Brushing and stimulating the skin for just 5-10 minutes exfoliates and removes dead skin & keeps coats shiny while stimulating the production of natural skin oils. Brushing regularly at home is highly recommended especially for those breeds that mat easily.
  • We believe keeping the skin clean and exfoliated as well as stimulated eliminates or minimizes skin disease.
  • Regular grooming will reduce shedding and improve appearance.
  • Controls fleas and ticks.
  • Toe nail trimming is essential to your pets comfort when walking and health issues that can occur from nails growing into the pads of the feet.
  • Excessive hair around the face can promote eye irritation and infection in dogs.
  • Keeping ears clean reduces risk of infections and mites.
  • Teeth brushing helps keep teeth clean in between routine dental exams. Plaque and gingivitis can lead to serious health problems for your pets. Teeh brushing should be done on a daily basis at home for best results.