Gentle Pet Grooming
Furry Friends


My Dog is shaking-does that mean he is scared or doesn’t like the groomer?

Grooming can be a scary experience for some animals.  Furry Friends Gentle Pet Grooming recognizes that each animal is unique and are treated as such.  We do not “rush” animals through like other grooming facilities.  We take our time to get to know each animal’s personality and this makes for a much calmer and inviting experience.


How long will my dog have to stay at Furry Friends for grooming?

The grooming process takes a few hours to fully prep, wash, dry and groom your dog.  Upon check-in, we will give you an approximate time your dog will be ready for pick up.  For faster service, it is always wise to book in advance, the first available appointment of the day.   We do offer VIP service for those parents who do not like to leave their dogs for any longer than the actual grooming takes. With this service we begin working on your dog immediately upon arrival and straight through until the end with no interruptions. There is an additional charge for straight through requests.   Please note that Friday and Saturdays are our busiest days and not a good day to book an appointment if you are under time constraints.